About Raindrops, Ripples & Reflections

What do raindrops and leaders have in common?

The effect a single raindrop makes in the sea is similar to the impact some leaders have in people’s lives. As raindrops make ripples on the water, leaders create change. It is interesting that when we see a raindrop, we instinctively expect other raindrops to follow. Leaders also know that they cannot make a big impact alone. It is a delicate balance of working with others, drawing out and nurturing their potential. Good leaders are those who inspire, help others to develop and together promote change. The world needs people like you and me — the raindrops willing to make ripples in our families, jobs, communities, nations and the world. Through the sheer volume and reach of the 35-year-old Humphrey Fellowship program, there is a promising expectation of rain across the globe.

rj_ebook-cover-03The multipart 2013-2014 Legacy Project documents a leadership journey for 10 Humphrey Fellows at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. It presents reflections on their personal and professional experiences during this year. More significantly, it marks their preparation to summon the rains that create ripples of change.


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