26 Words of Wisdom for Future Fellows

Humphrey Fellows at the Cronkite School Welcome Reception. Photo Credit: Sean Logan

Having the benefit of experience, Fellows, Attaches and Alumni offer suggestions for new fellows, with the hope that these do’s and don’ts will help to ease their transition into the Humphrey year and position them for success.

Embrace the experience! Derya Kaya

One thing you must do when you come to Phoenix is, if you can drive, get a car immediately. Your Humphrey experience will be richer and fuller if you have the ability to move around. Do not do what someone else thinks you should do. At the end of the year one thing you don’t want is the regret “I wish I didn’t listen to XYZ.” Do whatever you want and believe me your year will be a huge success. Hina Ali

Plan one thing you want to accomplish during the Humphrey year and pursue it religiously. If you feel frustrated at one point during the Humphrey year, return to this point and remember. “You are not the first. I was too.” Do not despair. Just follow your plan. Steven Kapoloma

Do – Seize every opportunity and moment that this year gives you to improve yourself, to push yourself, to grow and refine yourself. Don’t – Underestimate how time flies. Ten months passes quickly. Don’t procrastinate. Rhonda Jaipaul-O’Garro

Do – Explore. Do not – Stay home. Fernando Aguilar

There will be disappointments. Get over them as quickly as possible. Believe in yourself and do what you feel will benefit you most; don’t pay heed to others. Wahida Ifat

Don’t – Waste time, as time is all you have! Do – Make a list of what you want to accomplish at the beginning of the year and set a time table. The year goes by before you know it! Maja Cakarun

Do – Be thoughtful and be open to each other knowing we are culturally different. Learn from differences; grow globally with the opportunity to make the difference with your counterparts. And see the encounter as an incredible and maybe unique chance to learn more about their experience, about their world. Do not ever think that you know everything and do not mind the unknown richness of knowledge each person carries, because you live in the U.S. Ask, pursue knowledge, learn from everybody no matter their background or if they are or are not Americans. Do not split from them, do not look at them from the top, do not think you’ve got nothing to learn on many global topics. Issa Napon

Do – Remember all the little things and spend time talking with your writing partner. Don’t – Lose Dr. Bill’s papers. There are quite a few handouts and almost every one has due dates printed on it. Caitlin Cruz

Do – Spend your time learning all you can from those around you. Don’t – Try to scrape by doing the least amount possible. Tayllor Lillestol

Get involved. You’ll only get as much out of it as you put into it. Don’t be intimidated by others, trust in your own ideas and don’t forget to listen to others. Darby Fitzgerald

Do – Participate in discussions with your classmates both in and out of class. This seminar is an incredible opportunity to interact with an exceptional group of people – take advantage of your time with them. Don’t – Blow off group projects. The projects give you a great opportunity to learn about your personal leadership style and learn from the leadership style of your peers. The experience won’t be as influential if you don’t give it your all. Emily Fritcke

Do – Get involved and talk with the fellows outside of class. Don’t – Judge based off of someone’s culture. Everyone is different. Domenico Nicosia

Do – Stay up-to-date on world news. When you’re in a class with people from around the world, it’s important to know what is happening internationally. Don’t – Wait until the last minute to write blog posts (even though procrastination is tempting!). Nobody wants to read something you didn’t put a lot of thought into. Samantha Davis

Do – Get ahead on group project and ask tons of questions. Don’t – Procrastinate on the legacy project. Sophia Mayberry

Do – Take advantage of the friendships you can make with all of the fellows. This is a class where networking can provide overseas opportunities. Don’t – Be afraid to be the leader in the seminar full of other leaders. Someone has to take initiative. In the same sense, someone must also be a follower, so balance your strengths. Shirin Ahmadpour

It is simple. Be honest with yourself, don’t hesitate, try whatever you wanted to learn and give the best of yourself to this world as professionals. Alma Telibecirevic

Always question and critically examine any advice or directives coming your way before acting on them, especially if they are from those who are considered experts or your superiors – essentially from “the Man.” Lujain Ismail Shafeeq

Don’t be afraid to change something that surely doesn’t suit you at this point of your career and life. The thing you might find hard to change may be the one that is preventing you from moving forward. Evgeny Kuzmin

Investigate; invest in curiosity and creativity. Aleksandra Dukovska

Learn as much as you can and enjoy this year like your whole life is stayed in this year. Mukesh Kumar

Be positive and let’s work together for a beautiful tomorrow. Mohammed Alauddin

The Humphrey Fellowship Program is a unique opportunity to find yourself and find your way ahead. Mona Abdel Alim

Listen. Care. Run away from computer. Ilona Bicevska

Open wide your arms to life – Langston Hughes. Nikiwes Bikitsha

Have a vision and be determined in making it. You are what you want. Lejla Kapetanovic

Do not be afraid to sail the unknown seas. There is a reward for those who do not always run in a crowd. Do not take the leadership class of Dr. Bill for granted. I only realized when I returned home that those lessons can take you very far in life. Taati Niilenge

I see the Humphrey year as a second chance to redesign your career path (if you want to) and cater to your passion. So make the best use of the experts around you to gain some new skill and make sure you have time to interact and have fun. Kibnesh Fulas

Get out of your comfort zone: Take the class that challenges you the most, go to as many conferences as you can and travel for pleasure. Don’t be scared to fail, don’t gossip and do share your knowledge. Antonio Jimenez


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