27 Thank You Notes

A valuable lesson that Fellows learned during their Humphrey year was the power of thank you notes, and how these handwritten sentiments can help them stand out in an environment of email and information overload. The master teacher of the thank you notes lesson was our program manager, Kristi Kappes, who always emphasized the importance of giving thanks after every kind gesture.

As we reflect on our Humphrey year, our gratitude overflows.

Special thanks to:

The Fulbright Scholarship Board
The Department of State
The Institute of International Education
Mrs. Anne Howard-Tristani and the Humphrey Family

Humphrey Alumni
Humphrey Excursions Hosts
Humphrey Host Families
Humphrey Mentors
Humphrey Professional Affiliation Host Organisations
Humphrey Seminar Attaches

Lily & Michael Ciric-Hoffman
Nancie Dodge
Kristi Kappes
Sandy & Terry Kappes
Dr. Fran Matera
Elizabeth Mays
Dr. Bill and Angela Silcock
Yavapai College and President Penny Wills
ASU and Cronkite School faculty, staff and student workers
Our families and friends in our home countries and in the US


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