24 Teamwork

Reflection Question: Share your most valuable lesson about teamwork from your Humphrey seminar team assignments.

It is very difficult to communicate ideas, especially given the cultural and language barriers, therefore clarity is key. Domenico Nicosia

I’ve learned to discover the individual skills each person can bring to a team and work together to capitalize on all of those skills to create a polished result. Tayllor Lillestol

Working with my team on various projects emphasized the importance of communication. A simple email response saying that the email has been read can make all the difference in creating a successful team environment. I also learned that, just as in life, in team projects, you have to learn to adapt, work with and appreciate your teammates. Shirin Ahmadpour

The most valuable lesson I learned about teamwork is that it is important to capitalize on every member of the team’s strengths in order to achieve efficient success. Sophia Mayberry


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