13 New Family Bonds

Host families are a special support in helping fellows to learn about U.S. culture. Pictured here, Hina with her host family.

Host families play a key part in the cultural immersion experience for fellows. They often provide that warm familial care, encouragement and a feeling of home away from home. Many offer their time for supermarket trips, dining out, special events and holidays. The special support network built with host families created lasting bonds and memories for both the families and fellows.

Reflection Question: Share one lesson that your host family taught you.

Ask the extra question in your interest to help. Steven Kapoloma

I already knew this, but it would be to always keep in mind how important it is to fight for better environmental laws. Fernando Aguilar

Family life everywhere is the same regardless of cultural differences. Wahida Ifat

My hosts Barbara and Dennis are one of the most active and fun retired people I know. The way they spent their retirement time showed me the importance of living in the moment and enjoying life every day! Maja Cakarun

Humphrey Fellow Issa Napon with his host family.

I am going to keep in my mind deeply and forever my host family Jennifer Greg Snow and her husband Greg, and their actions of thoughtfulness, friendship, stewardship and kindness. Yes they were all these at the same time. Thanks to them I have in a corner of my spirit “do good around you, spread out joy as much as you can, make people feel happy to get with you; be mindful and helpful.” Issa Napon

Humphrey Host Families
Laura & Ed Austin Family
Sandy Bahr & David Komm
Sandi & Al Blumit
Deanna Evans & Waqas Ahmad
Tatiana & Paul Hensley Family
Jason & Shane Manning Family
Holly McIntyre & Family
Ingrid Miller & James Toomire Family
Jen & Greg Snow
Casidy Ward & Lynn Hofacket
Barbara & Dennis Weist


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