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Fellows enjoy a caricature with Dr. Fran Matera at the Public Relations Society of America Copper Anvil Awards ceremony in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Each fellow was assigned a mentor from among the faculty and staff of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at ASU. The mentors’ volunteer service provided invaluable support as the fellows tried to navigate and adapt to life in the United States. In many cases, they not only offered assistance to their assigned mentees, but went the extra mile to adopt other fellows and share their expertise and contacts as needed. As charity begins at home, these remarkable faculty and staff embody servant leadership in a powerful way.

Reflection Question: Share one insight from your faculty mentor that you’ll always remember.

Humphrey Fellow Hina Ali with her mentor, Aaron Brown. Credit: Sean Logan

“Sometimes the road we walk is a bit lonely but the destination is not. So we walk and take that risk because that is who we are.” – Aaron Brown. Hina Ali

You must remember that in America there are people who need help too (and there are many) and why should the U.S. government spend money on you and not its citizens. Make use of your stay in U.S. Steven Kapoloma

Humphrey Fellow Rhonda Jaipaul-O’Garro with mentor Liz Bernreuter. Credit: Sean Logan

I’ll always value our Friday morning meetings over coffee. They felt more like heart to hearts. Liz Bernreuter had a special way of helping me work through my issues, and unearthing the answers already inside me. She was also very real, in reminding me that the decisions we make as professionals, wives and mothers are never easy ones. Rhonda Jaipaul-O’Garro

Humphrey Fellow Wahida Ifat enjoys a day out at the Desert Botanical Garden with her faculty mentor Dr. Fran Matera.

My mentor was Dr. Matera. She is a motivator and inspirational teacher. She is the kind of person who causes anyone to bloom by being around her. Wahida Ifat

Humphrey Mentors
Craig Allen, associate professor
Linda Austin, former executive director, Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism
Marianne Barrett, senior associate dean
Liz Bernreuter, director of development
Aaron Brown, professor of practice
Retha Hill, director, New Media Innovation Lab
Anita Luera, director, high school journalism programs
Fran Matera, director, Public Relations Lab
Jacquee Petchel, executive editor, Carnegie-Knight News21 Initiative
Gregg Zachary, professor of practice


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