5 Leadership Papers

Reflection Question: Share the most valuable discovery about your leadership style from your Humphrey personal leadership paper.

My most valuable discovery from my leadership style paper was understanding why I feel the need to lead. It is because leadership is a series of acts triggered by the desire to achieve an objective and to sacrifice to do that. Hina Ali

In my Humphrey Fellowship year I have been hearing about leadership more than I have heard of it in my entire life. And I wondered, why should I be someone whom people follow? I started to answer those questions from a concept of servant leadership. To lead is to serve. The approaching of these two opposite words brings up the revolutionary perspective, which dislocates leadership as an individualistic and selfish accomplishment to a participative role in a society. Now I know why I want to be a leader: to serve better. Ivana Braga

I learned that my personal style encompasses bridge-building leadership, caring leadership and managing leadership but it also depends on the situation. I believe the best leader is one who changes things that are required. To live for others, to help others in difficult time and to be with the people whenever they need them. Javaria Tareen


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