20 Leader Development

Reflection Question: How did the Humphrey seminar help develop you as a leader?

I think the Humphrey seminar allowed me to interact with people of different backgrounds, cultures and personality types. I was able to learn from their experiences and see how their backgrounds made them who they were. I learned to adapt my style to build a better working relationship. Darby Fitzgerald

The Humphrey seminar presented me opportunities to explore my own style of leadership through the group assignments, class presentations and the individual blogs we wrote each week pertaining to leadership. It is not often that you have the opportunity to reflect on your own leadership style, and this class allowed me to both reflect on and practice my leadership skills. As a result, I understand my leadership identity, which will allow me to promote my strengths and learn from my weaknesses as I go on to my next leadership role. Emily Fritcke

The Humphrey seminar helped me develop as a leader by forcing me to uncover qualities about myself that I normally wouldn’t think about. The seminar pushed me to learn, write and talk about the qualities of a leader and allow me to discover the type of leader I want to be. Shirin Ahmadpour


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