4 Humphrey Seminar Guest Lectures

Reflection Question: Share your most memorable takeaway from the Humphrey Seminar’s guest lecturers.

Dan Gillmor gave us a wonderful lecture. “Failure is never an end of a situation. Failure is learning. Never be afraid of failure because it is a way to learn, to gain experience. Failing is the basis to success. ” Issa Napon

The best seminar was where Peter Haden explained the situation of veterans here in the United States, which proved an eye-opening discussion. Javaria Tareen

Dan Gillmor, founding director of the Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship at ASU, gave a lecture on Failure in the Context of Journalism and Media. I had eight takeaways:

  • Seek to work with people who are better than you and who know different things. Don’t be afraid of being the stupid person in the room.
  • Always keep wondering what’s next.
  • The value in failure is learning.
  • Ownership is a key concept: Own the process. Own what happens. Own the outcome.
  • If you are going to fail, do it quickly and move on.
  • Failure is stumbling and getting back up again.
  • Life is in beta.
  • Always make new mistakes. Rhonda Jaipaul-O’Garro


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