17 Humphrey Seminar Goals

Reflection Question: Share your personal goals for the Humphrey seminar.

I have led groups of peers for years both in and out of newsrooms. I want to work on leadership practices that are both compassionate and authoritative. Caitlin Cruz

My personal goals for the Humphrey seminar were to develop my own leadership skills with the fellows and learn from their international experiences. I hoped to forge both professional connections and personal friendships while working with my classmates and I also ventured to add value to the discussions and projects of the seminar by contributing my unique educational background and interests to the course. My more concrete goal for the semester was to directly relate my knowledge gained from the seminar to projects in the community, where I could apply my leadership skills in a more tangible way. Long-term, I believe the opportunity to gain experience in cross-cultural communication would help me develop leadership skills that could one day contribute to an effective career in the United States’ Foreign Service. Emily Fritcke

My goals, coming into the Humphrey seminar, were pretty straightforward. I wanted to learn to be a better leader through the experiences I would have with fellows from around the world, as well as learn from their expertise. I can say with certainty that I have done so. I have learned about cultures and different types of leadership, which has helped me grow as a leader. Aimee Cash

I took the Humphrey seminar class because I wanted to expose myself to professionals from around the world and get the chance to learn about a lot of different cultures. Samantha Davis


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