16 Attaches’ Reflections

Fellows with Humphrey seminar attaches from Barrett, The Honors College. 

Barrett, The Honors College students are among the best journalism students in the United States. They have the opportunity to interact with the Humphrey Fellows in the Humphrey seminar as attaches. There, the attaches share their U.S.-based perspectives and the fellows share their home country points of view, thus creating an enriching and unique learning experience for all.

Here are the elevator pitches of the Spring semester attaches.

Shirin Ahmadpour
I am on track to receive my bachelor’s and master’s degree within four years. I aspire to be the public relations director for the Walt Disney Company. However, my main vision is to give and serve in any and all ways as I can. Through active communicative efforts, I hope to work specifically for the outreach and charitable departments of major companies and organizations. I am excited to carry into the workforce my experience as a social media manager, journalist and promotions specialist; the cultural experience that I have received through traveling to eight different countries and from having roots in the Philippines and Iran; and my experience in artistic expression that has been developed through years of dance, theatre and music. With a diverse background and open and optimistic attitude, I feel confident in my abilities to learn and create change. I hope to be an asset in any area of work and be a useful link to fresh ideas.

Aimee Cash
I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in digital journalism, as well as a master’s in mass communication. All my life I have loved music of all sorts, and I will admit to being somewhat of a “hipster” when it comes to my musical tastes. They’re eclectic and unique, like I imagine myself to be. With my passion for music and my knowledge of digital journalism, I am taking the best of both worlds and analyzing the impact of social media and technology on the music industry. My ultimate desire is to be able to share music across cultures, across countries, across continents and to be able to inform the public about the opportunities to experience the world through music. I have interned with the Cronkite Journal, where I covered everything from events, to profiles, features and awards. I have a passion for presenting visual and written works, as well as works of artistry for the ears. With all of these skills — written, visual and audio — I suppose you could say that I am a triple threat as an informer, and I hope to keep it that way by staying at the top of my game.

Caitlin Cruz
I am an investigative multimedia journalist interested in the place where gender issues meet accountability journalism. I earned my master’s degree in mass communication from Arizona State University in 2014. I love reporting and creating long-form stories with words, still photos, graphics, video or a combination of these. I have extensive experience reporting daily and on special projects for both print and digital. I’ve also reported long-form stories from behind a camera. I reported on female veterans and veteran communities for News21, an investigative reporting project on post-9/11 veterans by the Knight Foundation and Carnegie Corp. I have also reported on border security from reservations in both Canada and Mexico and interned for The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune and The Arizona Republic.

Samantha Davis
I’m a broadcast journalism student. I’m expected to graduate in May 2015 with a dual bachelor’s and master’s degree in journalism and mass communication. I’m currently an intern for know99, which is an Emmy Award-winning public television station based in Phoenix. There I get to use my videography and reporting skills to create three-minute educational packages. I also just finished filming a documentary on a high school class that trains service dogs. I’m interested in producing and am currently in a newscast producing class. This summer I’m hoping to get an internship for a morning show, working behind the scenes. My goal is to direct or produce national morning talk shows or reality TV shows.

Tayllor Lillestol
I’m pursuing concurrent bachelor’s and master’s degrees with a public relations focus and a tourism management minor. Right now, I’m the director of communications for an honors organization at ASU, as well as a media relations intern for the Greater Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau. I was also a participant of the Disney College Program in Orlando, Florida, last spring. I love research and writing, skills I’ve applied as a freelance reporter, student leader and intern and while completing a 60-page thesis project for my concurrent degrees. More than anything, I love people. My goal is to someday work for the Walt Disney Company, where I can spend my days making peoples’ dreams come true.

Darby Fitzgerald
I am currently getting my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a four-year program through Barrett, The Honors College. My love for TV has evolved into more than just a marathon session of NCIS; it’s now what I want to do when I graduate. I have a love of storytelling, videography, cultures and languages. I want to combine all the things I love into one job working for a national news organization covering international events and news.

Emily Fritcke
I plan to graduate in spring of 2015 with degrees in both English literature and history as well as a minor in Arabic studies and a certificate in the study of religion and conflict. For the past two years I have been immersed in the study of history and social studies education in Pakistan. Through my research I have become a passionate advocate for education equality and peace studies. This semester I will be beginning my honors thesis in which I will focus my research on how history education can be developed in order to promote peace. In the past I have worked as the youngest congressional campaign staff member in Arizona during the 2012 election cycle and I am currently a communications and marketing assistant for the Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict where I accomplish administrative tasks, event promotions, fundraising and upkeep of the Center’s two Twitter accounts. My long-term goals include attending graduate school, pursuing careers in academia and public service, and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro!

Domenico Nicosia
I am a first-generation American with deep roots in southern Italy. Though I was born and raised in Arizona, much of what I think and do can be attributed to various Italian traditions and culture. I was raised surrounded by saint days, feasts and overbearing parenting. The food, the phrases and the values were constants in my life, but I never questioned or explored their significance. Thus, much of my college career has been dedicated to learning the meaning behind my heritage. I have combined my interest in the Italian culture with my journalistic studies to form the basis for my master’s degree research — a study comparing news practices between American news outlets and Italian media. I am also pursuing a minor in the language. I believe that it is important for society to learn about other cultures and languages in order to breed understanding and respect. This mentality is crucial to my journalism career as I will interview a host of different people with diverse backgrounds. My professional experience at various internships including The Arizona Republic has exposed me to this. Discovering commonalities between people is one of the most important ways to make an interviewee comfortable to elicit natural and genuine responses, which allows the reporter to convey honest and more accurate viewpoints.

Sophia Mayberry
I’m a junior at ASU’s Cronkite School and Barrett, the Honors College. My emphasis is public relations and I’m getting a certificate in special event management. I have a passion for events because I am creative, caring and detail-oriented.

Attaches of Fall Semester:
Alexandra Lancial
Brittany Morris
Zahra Talieh
Jamie Killin


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