8 Community Meetings

The fellows held a regular community meeting in the Cronkite School Global Initiatives Suite.

The community meeting that occurred during my leadership week was the most memorable to me. It was a moment when people scrutinize your actions and where you have to show evidence of your style. Originating from a French-speaking background it was a double challenge to be doing things the same as I used to do back home in such a situation. That drove strong feelings within me. Issa Napon

A hilarious moment: How Dr. Bill’s birthday cake melted inside the refrigerator is still a mystery.

Dr. Bill’s birthday community meeting. Awesome melted cake. It was artistic. Fernando Aguilar

My most memorable moment from community meetings was when Leader of the Week Steven showed up with a molten ice-cream cake to celebrate Dr. Bill’s birthday. Poor Steven placed the cake in the refrigerator instead of the freezer and so there was a trail of dripping ice-cream cake all the way from the kitchen to the Humphrey suite. Nevertheless, it was sweet and delightful, and we give kudos to Steven for his leadership. Rhonda Jaipaul-O’Garro

I remember how we handled a terrible misunderstanding at one community meeting. Obviously we collectively and unconsciously hurt a fellow very much. I was really grateful for the fellow who expressed her emotions and fellows who reacted in the best way possible. Derya Kaya


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