2 Classes, Community Meetings & Global Conversations

Steven Kapoloma presents a gift from Malawi to Dr. Bill Silcock during a community meeting. 

Fellows received a great academic foundation from lecturers and professors at the Cronkite School. Fellows opted for classes such as Advanced Online Media with (the lovely and gracious) Nancie Dodge and the Public Relations Lab with Dr. Frances Matera to name a few.

Dr. Bill Silcock took charge of the Humphrey Seminar, covering leadership topics. A key feature of this course is the vibrant discussions that take place between the Humphrey Fellows and Barrett, The Honors College students. Another element is guest lectures, which feature professionals across diverse fields such as journalism, communication, public relations, social entrepreneurship and many others. Team presentations, book reports, weekly blog posts and tweets to our class hashtag #cronkitehhh are all part of the Humphrey seminar learning experience.

Weekly community meetings for the fellows provided an opportunity to “check in” with open discussions on emotions, updates on activities, upcoming fellowship commitments and deliverables.

In the spring, the “Cronkite Global Conversations” series kicked off on Feb. 5 with a discussion on terrorism’s impact on the global environment and ended March 19 with a talk on success stories from developing countries. Other topics included social media’s role as a global change agent and how international journalists can avoid stereotypes in their reporting. These one-hour lunchtime discussions led by the fellows were open to the public and live streamed. They offered fellows an opportunity to share a global perspective as they interacted with students and the community.


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