3 Classroom Experiences

Reflection Question: Share your most memorable reflection from the range of classroom experiences during your Humphrey year.

I learned about how our brains work differently in Nancie Dodge’s Advanced Online Media class. Derya Kaya

One of the most memorable lessons was from my Craft of Storytelling class: “It is not good TV if it makes you think; it is good TV if it makes you feel.” Hina Ali

I have always wanted to understand public relations from an American point of view. I got that through the Public Relations Lab and engaging with real clients. Our client was Tempe Coalition, a nonprofit fighting underage drinking and drug abuse. We developed a campaign to prevent youth ages 11-15 from using marijuana. The semester’s work included survey questionnaires, public service announcements, a pledge, social media plan, infographics and info kits. The class provided resources that I will be able to utilise in my daily profession. The experience of working in groups was the least exciting as I had to battle stereotypes and “teenage syndrome.”

I was involved but not as much as I wanted. I enjoyed the debate in the class and the final presentations in the theater. Steven Kapoloma

I had a most unique experience at the Public Relations Lab. I developed a campaign for the Tempe Coalition to reduce marijuana use among youth. I have extensive experience in working with children, and this experience helped me understand the issues youth face in the U.S. Wahida Ifat


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